Evan Grillo

Full-Stack Developer

Chicago, IL


A broadly skilled full-stack developer who designs and develops powerful applications using the latest technologies. Possesses a strong aptitude for writing code that is modular, secure and optimized for performance, ensuring its long-term maintainability while minimizing reliance on external libraries and specific versions. Currently engaged in developing applications using Node.js, Vue.js and .NET for Northwestern University.


Front-End Development

  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JS Frameworks (Vue.js, React.js, Angular.js, jQuery)
  • Responsive Design
  • Interface Testing (Puppeteer, BrowserStack, Litmus)
  • DevTools and MDN Web Docs

Back-End Development

  • Server-side programming (Node.js, C#, Python)
  • Databases (SQL, NoSQL, Modeling)
  • Building RESTful APIs using HTTP
  • Logging and Security (Splunk, Azure, AWS)
  • Web Server and Shell (Linux, NGINX, Bash, MacOS)
  • Testing Tools and Frameworks (Mocha, Jest)


Developer, Northwestern University (Chicago, IL)

December 2021 - Present

  • Lead design and development of applications used by students
    • Server application and API (Node.js, Oracle DB, Microsoft Graph, Azure)
    • Client application (Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, Azure)
    • Deployment and Administration (Splunk, Linux, Bash, NGINX, Git)
  • Develop admin applications (.NET Core, Tailwind CSS, jQuery) used by staff and faculty

Software Developer, Indigenous Software (Remote)

December 2018 - November 2021

  • Primary UI developer for a Forrester-recognized agency, RVLVR
  • Coded vanilla 'micro-sites' and HTML email templates
  • Developed and maintained a SaaS product (site builder & web hosting for SMBs)
  • Developed and maintained a white label platform (co-branded product campaigns & analytics for tech companies)
    • API and View Renderer (Node.js, MongoDB)
    • Client applications (Vue.js, TypeScript, Vuetify, Angular.js)

Sales, [Fortune 50, startups, consultancy]

2013 - 2018

  • Account Executive, UPS (United Parcel Service)
    • Managed a $10mn book of business in Brooklyn, NY
    • Exceeded annual revenue and volume goals
    • Coordinated representatives across the portfolio, including technology, financial and logistics services
  • Sales, Ursa Major Associates
    • Helped organize a last-mile delivery conference (PostalVision 2020) that attracted entrepreneurs, regulators and executives
    • Researched technology and parcel services
    • Engaged with a broad range of stakeholders interested in utilizing The USPS' last-mile infrastructure
  • Sales, ShipBob
    • Hired by founders and relocated to Chicago prior to Series A funding
    • Built the first book of business with annual recurring revenue
    • Contributed to filling key industry knowledge gaps
  • Sales, Packyge
    • Assisted in building a ship-to-store network
    • Engaged with a diverse range of business professionals to explore network utilization